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It's A Girl!!!

I'll never forget the wave of emotions I felt when the wheel turned PINK! I remember sitting outside by myself while everyone celebrated in the restaurant just to breathe it all in.

Everyone was there to share in the excitement of our baby's gender! The love and support came from all over NC, PA, NYC and the DMV. Votes for a boy actually outweighed girl votes and even when I tried to entertain the thought of having a boy DEEP DOWN I knew I would have a girl. It has been in my spirit since a little girl, filling shopping carts with baby bows and clothes.

After the noise of all the love and excitement settled, FEAR kicked in. Will we have the same challenges as me and my mom? Am I equipped to break this cycle? Will she only be a "Daddy's Girl?" Am I a good example? FEAR x FEAR!

Fast forward 6 months later, being a GIRL MOM is my biggest blessing. Lily is my greatest source of pure joy, the purest form of love and she chose me to be her mommy.

Never before seen footage of our gender reveal.

-Shot by John King

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