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The Shadow Phases of Pregnancy

The concept behind my maternity shoot, like my web design may seem simple, right? Black and white. It’s not that simple when you explore the meaning behind the BLACK and WHITE images. Black and white photography eliminates distraction and moves focus directly to the feeling, emotion, and subject. Innerstanding the drama of the photo.

  • My black and white photoshoot is symbolic to the shadow and light work of pregnancy. It’s a tribute to the sacredness of my initiation into motherhood. Working with my shadow and healing to become a better version of myself has been a guiding force in nurturing my seed.

  • I wanted to speak to the depth of Black Love. My daughters father wears a picked afro, signifying the POWER of our blackness and the roots of where our journeys begin. Black love is unique and feared when the time is taken to nurture one another correctly. Healthy relationships are built and if you haven’t understood nor accepted your childhood it bleeds into your romantic relationships, and now we undergo the shadow work of building relationship between man, woman and now child.

  • Lastly, the baby’s breath flower. While simple but symbolic it represents the light, innocence, and everlasting love of raising a child.

I held my pregnancy so close to heart because I innerstood how sacred it was. The gift of bearing a child came for me after a season of obedience and shadow work that resulted in the opening of my heart and being in a space that was ready to give and receive love.

STAY TUNED as GMP unfolds and conversations of childhood memories continue…



Never before seen maternity pictures.

-Photos by Latonya Owens, Blessed Hands By Latonya

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