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The Soulo Journey - Episode 1: "Knowing Where You Come From"

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

If you don't know where you come from you won’t know where you are going! That saying has been a MAJOR key to my journey. As I sit down with my mom and talk about our family history/roots its evident that ONE thing stays consistent in the generations of my family, APPEARANCE! What I call "Glitz and Glam"! HEAVY on the OUTSIDE APPEARANCE and no real exploration of the distance below the surface. The DEPTH of who you are INSIDE. This LACK of TRUTH and ACCOUNTABILITY has fostered generational pain and trauma that I am still unpacking. It didn’t start with me, its generational! It is so important for me to know the TRUTH! The truth behind my family roots/history while owning the TRUTH about who I am! The truth will set you free and allow forgiveness and healing to begin! IM BREAKING CHAINS THAT HAVE BEEN HOLDING ME BACK AND IT STARTS HERE!!

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