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The Soulo Journey - Episode 3: Breathe "Deeper"

We are halfway through the FIRST Series of The Soulo Journey!! We are just scratching the surface, but after a couple episodes of speaking through some of the generations of my family I was moved to share the depth of what the recent transitions have contributed to my journey!

I have lost 3 influential women in my family over the last 6 months. My Great-Grandma, Aunt Lee, and Aunt Doris all while plugging into my Inner-G, discovering my purpose, and showing up for my family! I don’t want to skip over the ups and downs of the journey. It gets HEAVY sometimes and we must sit back and take it all in, so we don’t bypass any of the emotion we are supposed to feel! About a month ago I broke down thinking about all I have been through in the last few months and its heaviness while still showing up for EVERYTHING! Dwelling in God’s presence and thinking about the moments he allowed me to BREATHE and I mean DEEP! He had gone before me and prepared me for it all! Giving me the strength to carry it all! In Episode 3 I pay homage to the matriarchs in my family that have gone to be with the lord and have contributed to all the work I have done in understanding where I come from!

Inner-G: The ETERNAL state of mind where nothing is impossible...acknowledging your POWER WITHIN! When you rely on your faith and instinct to handle anything life throws at you. Surrendering and removing all doubt, all fear, all worries as you allow God and self to push you to your limits and go beyond to believe that if you want it you can obtain it!

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