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The Soulo Journey - Episode 5: Shadow Phases

With working through my shadow, I have been able to see this process in phases. Trying to make sense of my brokenness and the active role I played lead me to stop hiding from myself. It took the different phases to find the courage to understand my WHY. Episode 5 takes you through 3 phases that lead me directly to The Soul Journey.

Phase 1) Secrecy/Hiding- I wasn’t willing to face myself, it became easier to wear a mask and put the blame of why things were the way they were on everything and everyone else. 2) Confession which welcomes TRUTH! Confessing my shortcomings to allowed me to walk in my truth with self and others which then lead me to being vulnerable in my relationships. 3) I OWNED who I was and for the first time not ashamed of any piece of my shadow, the reveal was here, and I was able to see myself and others for who they really were.

You must embrace your SHADOW to walk into your LIGHT!

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