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The Soulo Journey - SERIES FINALE!!! Episode 6: Coming Out of The Shadows


Through it all we have made it to the final episode in series 1 of The Soulo Journey and boy has it been just that, A JOURNEY. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! The COMMUNITY Love and Support is what means the MOST. I have learned through this journey that SOULO is BIGGER than me and I've had to shift to do some deeper healing work within myself to get to this finish line.

The Soulo Journey hasn't just been a Web Documentary Series but also the anchor of my own journey. Through creating and navigating through my healing this series has helped me dig deeper, hold myself accountable and NOT FOLD ON ANYHTING I PRAYED FOR!

Facing my fears, overcoming insecurity, shame, opening doors of healing generational curses and fighting the enemy has all made me stronger and unshakable in my faith! It has taught me hard lessons about TRUTH and SURRENDER. There is NO LOVE WITHOUT SUFFERING! NO TRIUMPH WITHOUT ENDURANCE and through it all I give God ALL THE HONOR AND GLORY because he is the one that sees me through.

This episode is about coming out of the darkness and realizing what it takes to step into your light! It’s the doorway of what’s to come in continuing to share my RAW journey with the community!

Make sure you watch until the end, so you don’t miss my tribute to YOU😊

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