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I am so happy I found SOULO.

SOULO impacted me – I am so happy I found SOULO. Last summer I started my healing journey and it was so lonely. I had no book or code to follow to do my inner shadow work. I was just using my Gut, therapy, countless hours of YouTube, and Instagram quotes to try to reignite the light I lost inside of me. I understood I needed a change but I was wasting so much time trying to find some sort of guidance. I didn’t have the right tools but I was birthing a new mindset that no one else was honest enough to explain. I found that honestly with Ashley. I was so lost and broken to the point where my prayers were getting shorter and shorter. I was so deep into a dark space that all I could pray was “God, Help me.”

I was ready. Although I thought I was at my lowest low, I remained optimistic of a new Nicole waiting for me on the other side. I so wish I would have found SOULO sooner, I felt like I would have saved so much time to spread joy if I had understood what I was doing. The amount of work and care that goes behind every message pulls my heart and fills my soul. My spirit is full and I am forever grateful. I am reminded of God’s love for me. I am reminded of what relationship is more valuable. I am reminded that that lonely journey was apart of the plan and SOULO has the tools to support that solo mission. Ashley’s authentic wisdom and resilience makes me want to show up the best version of me with no excuses. I also understand the power in God’s timing because now Im standing fully in a mindset that allows me to receive and understand the tools and messages. God did something special with Ashley.

The world needs Soulo.

No more feeling like a victim. We can now unpack our triggers and process them quicker to arrive and birth a new being! SOULO helps you understand life and realize you are not crazy, you are not alone, you just have some trauma from past generations of people. Following this program, I know how I should start my day, I know how to show up authentically me and no apologize for it, I can live freely, apologize to people I’ve hurt and never knew. When you let go – you can truly be yourself. From Ashley being so raw and honest with her life - so much awareness is tapped into. And its all Love.

The messages on her Live speak to our soul – Ashley bridges the gap between our lower and higher selves so we can be intentional in our work and journey with Christ by our side. Soulo helped me see myself and not be afraid of being alone, sit in my emotions, and be vulnerable. It’s time to peel off your mask to show up authentically in the world and stand firm on your beliefs.

Thank you so much. God sent us you.

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