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My journey has not been easy.

As I reflect on my SOULO journey, I must admit, I’ve learned the importance of self-love. My journey has not been easy. It is filled with resentment, regret, and indecisiveness.

SOULO has helped me to find my place in the world. It has challenged me to understand the importance of self-love and self-worth.

As I sit, looking back on the times in my life where I doubted myself and my abilities, I find peace. I find peace in knowing that the almighty has used this a tool to teach and not as a tool to harm. SOULO has encouraged me to view the world in the light of this is happening for me and not to me. Accepting that belief and internalizing its meaning has taken me a long way. I have found that life is a set of choices; we are always one choice away from a totally different life. As I look upon the precipice of the great unknown.

I find solace in knowing my story is far from over. I love what SOULO embodies, the true essence of finding yourself in a sea of confusion. I am honored to have encompassed this model into my life and will continue to uphold the power of self. I am eternally grateful for the lessons, the laughs, the memories, and the pain because it has helped me to find my true self. For I am no longer troubled in my spirit, I have found purpose in the art of self-love.

I pray others are able to embark on this journey and internalize the essence of all SOULO has to offer.

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